The Endeavour To Make A Difference

Exposing Lies - Proclaiming Truth
We all know that media is powerfully affecting our world. The consequences of the ideas propagated by powers like Hollywood and “progressive” media, are confused lives, a weak church and a decaying culture.

This is a concerted endeavour to engage in the culture war by inserting ideas that counter the lies and encourage the truth. An endeavour to clarify and define the most pressing and important issues before our society today, and challenge Christians to grow in their understanding and application of God’s Word, so they can boldly defend their faith.
The World View Endeavour has identified 3 regions of key importance to this effort. The Family, the Church, and the State. Each of these is suffering significant attack and pressure, each holds an important role in our daly lives, and each has important duties given to it by God.

The Three Divine Institutions

1. Canada
2. Church
3. Family

We Believe In A Ground Up Approach

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…how truth applies to your culture…

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…truth in your community…

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Then truth will defend your family.

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Change in our Nation

Results in

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Change in your church & community

Results in

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Change in your family

Results in

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Change in you

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Giving Christians Answers To Engage In Their Culture

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